Chobani Greek Yogurt


Only natural non-GMO ingredients

No artificial flavors or preservatives

Includes live & active cultures, and three types of probiotics



We've been on a mission since day one: to provide better food for more people. We believe that access to nutritious, delicious yogurt made with only natural ingredients is a right, not a privilege. We believe every food maker has a responsibility to provide people with better options, which is why we're so proud of the way our food is made.

From the very first batch that came off the line in upstate New York, our cups have been crafted using only natural ingredients. That means the fruit you taste is real fruit; the honey is real honey. The nuts, the chocolate, the milk – yes, natural. And we refuse to use any preservatives.

There's a growing conversation around sugar, and it's an issue we don't take lightly. The sweetness in our Greek Yogurt is not from artificial sweeteners. It's naturally occurring sugar from our milk (lactose), fruit (fructose), honey and evaporated cane juice. And our portfolio has a range of options.

We know there’s a lot of conversation on this important issue. That’s why our products have always been made using only natural ingredients that are not genetically modified (non-GMO).

Since the beginning, we've been committed to sourcing the freshest milk possible from the nearly 900 farmers in our local communities. From Chenango County, New York, to Twin Falls, Idaho, we work with farmers who share our values and sense of community.

About Chobani® Greek yogurt



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