Origin of Microbiome

Origin of Microbiome

c-section vs vaginal delivery

Lower Microbiome in Babies by C-section:

When does the microbiome start to develop in your body? It is believed that babies receive most of the bacteria during birth. Infants born by elective cesarean delivery had particularly low bacterial richness and diversity compared to babies that were vaginally delivered (1). 

Gut Microbiome of Cesarean Delivery Babies Resembles Mom's Skin.

Cesarean delivery babies had gut microbiome that contained potentially pathogenic bacteria found on the skin while the babies by vaginal delivery showed mostly vaginal type of bacteria (2). 

Initial Microbiome Could Last Long

This could affect the establishment of the immune function of the babies. Intestinal microbiome stimulates the development of the immune maturation of the baby in order to develop tolerance to general bacteria and reduce allergic reactions (3).


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